What are the benefits of taking a practice test?

  • The practice test consists of an actual passage from a previous year’s exam. Taking a practice test will familiarize you with the format 和 difficulty-level of the exam.
  • Unlike the exam, your practice test will be returned to you after it is graded. Seeing what errors were assessed will help you prepare. You must allow at least 6-8 weeks to receive your graded practice test.
  • Instead of traveling to a scheduled exam sitting, 你可以下载, 完整的, 和 upload a practice test at your convenience.
  • The practice test costs $80 for members 和 $120 for non-members. 从财务角度来看, it is a good investment to see if you are ready to take the exam which costs $525.

Getting the most out of a practice test

Because the exam is taken under specific conditions, it is recommended to simulate those conditions as much as possible.

  • The exam is strictly limited to three hours, during which you must translate two passages. When taking the practice test, you should adhere to the same time limits 和 translate one passage in 90 minutes.
  • Because you do not get to preview the exam, you should not look at the practice test until you begin.
  • To learn more about exam conditions, see 关于考试 和 考试日小贴士.
  • Closely adhere to the detailed 练习考试说明 that you will receive in your confirmation email after ordering a practice test.

Important points to keep in mind

  • Passing a practice test does not guarantee that you will pass the exam. But, if you fail the practice test, the chances are high that you will fail the exam.
  • Plan to 完整的 和 upload your practice test at least three months before taking the exam. It may take as long as eight weeks to receive your graded results.


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Do I have to take a practice test before I register for the exam?
No. The practice test is strongly recommended, but entirely optional.

When will I get my practice test?
如果在线订购, you will receive instructions for downloading your practice test immediately in your confirmation email. Please fully read your confirmation email.

How long does it take the practice test to be graded?
You must allow 6-8 weeks for your practice test to be graded.

May I take more than one practice test?
Yes, but you must select a different test each time. You cannot take the same test twice.

Do I have to be an ATA member to take a practice test?

Will the grader know who I am?

If I pass the practice test, will I pass the exam?
There is no guarantee that you will pass the exam.

If I fail the practice test, will I fail the exam?
The chances are high that you will fail the exam.

What do I do if I fail the practice test?
Look for ways to gain more translation experience 和 improve proficiency skills. ATA provides strategies, articles, 和 advice from successful exam c和idates 和 graders. 阅读更多

Why do people fail the practice test?
Important causes of failure are major omissions, major mistranslations where the meaning of the original is lost, or an accumulation of target-language writing errors. Tests taken from the c和idate’s mother tongue into a second language account for a high percentage of failures.


ATA exam results are pass or fail only. This is the prevailing practice of many high-stakes credentialing exams.



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